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Thank you for registering! I am very excited about this opportunity to introduce the public to Hypnotherapy and to help prospective clients meet you and discover your unique talents and abilities.

How this works-
Wendi.com is launching national advertising on TV and radio that offers a free hypnosis session to a client with a Hypnotherapist in their area. As a Hypnotherapist you have the opportunity to meet a new client and help them discover the power of hypnotherapy to help them make changes in their lives. Most of these referrals will be working with issues for weight release, motivation, self sabotage and appetite control.

The client will have a certificate number that they will give to you that is good for one session.

You can do this session in your office or if the client prefers, on the phone.

Please help spread the word. Our network is dependent on excellent therapists who are committed to helping people in a professional way.

After the session the client will return to this site to do an evaluation.

Remember- that by registering with our hypnotherapy network you agree to accept the clients coupon and do a full session at no charge. You agree that you will not have any terms and conditions for the client using their complimentary session with you.

Remember that the client is expecting a full session that will create a positive outcome that may result in their desire to do more hypnotherapy. The client will be asked to fill out an evaluation form that is sent to us, and kept on file with us at our office.

Thank you again for participating! This is a great way for people to learn about and experience a great Hypnotherapy session with you.

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LOG IN on the next page, then complete your listing information. Add your picture and you are all set!

You can come back and change it anytime!

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